Baccarat System

3 May

Baccarat System

Baccarat is a game of chance with the rules that hardly give a chance to beat the odds. According to mathematical calculations, each of three possible bets in the game of baccarat has negative expectation for the player. As the rules can be changed and you frown on cheating, the only things left for you to operate with are:

-the result in the previous hands or some number of previous hands
-the bets we has made, if any, on those hands

There are a lot of various baccarat systems available for cash in the internet. However, you should keep in mind, that if there was a real system which could beat a casino, no one would sell it. Actually, if there was a real system to overcome rules the casinos would disappear. But as you can see, Las Vegas still operates and lures thousands of gamblers.

If you’ve found a baccarat system that claims to be true, you haven’t found anything at all. Perhaps it’s the simple game-play or elegant math that dictates the rules of baccarat that let so many young men and women fall prey to the notion that a sharper mathematical mind can hold the upper hand. Maybe it’s the high stakes associated with the game that fools people into thinking there is more money to be won in the baccarat pit. However, it is unlikely the cash the high rollers are pushing will winding up in front of us; this isn’t poker.

Martingale system

The most common approach to beating baccarat is based on a martingale system model. A martingale style system is one that has you double your bet after a losing (or with some variations after a winning) hand. Picture it like this: a 5-dollar bet is lost so the next bet made is 10 dollars. If it too is lost the third bet made is for 20. If the third bet is won you win 20 and retain your bet, so have a total of 40 dollars in front of you. In this way you have essentially recouped your losses on the original 5-dollar bet and the 10-dollar bet. You’ve also made a five-dollar profit.

This system is perfect and cannot be beaten in games like baccarat or roulette. Because this is true the casinos have issued new rules, which limit how much one can bet in one hand. Table maximums (and minimums) as they are referred to, eliminate the threat of a martingale system gambler completely.

Card counting baccarat system

Baccarat is a card game dealt from a shoe with a set number of decks. Because of this, many a person has tried to apply the techniques of card counting in a way similar to blackjack experts. Of course there is some merit to this, as you may remember from a finite math course, the odds do change if a card is removed from a deck and not replaced. The problem with baccarat is that the odds change very, very little even if you keep perfect track. Since the changes to odds are so minimal, it’s very rare for an instance in your count to come up where you have an advantage at Baccarat.

The major problem for a Baccarat player is of course that when those instances do come up, baccarat may not let you do anything to capitalize on it. If you want to work a little card counting wisdom into your strategy or hacked together baccarat system, then just pay some attention to the 4’s and the 6’s as they leave the deck. As four’s leave the deck the banker bet becomes slightly more attractive, as sixes leave the deck the player bet becomes a little more attractive. There are never any significant swings though, and certainly never any sure things for Baccarat game.


As you can see, experts fail to provide a perfect system that may be applied to baccarat. If you are going to buy something of this kind, just take into account that selling systems for their providers is another way to make money. However, you should be aware of various approaches before getting started your baccarat gambling. All baccarat gurus agree that instead of looking for a good baccarat system try to find a good baccarat strategy.

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